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  • Women : Strong Pillars of Society Women Empowerment Programme, Self Help Group In Village India

    Women: Strong Pillars of Society

Women Empowerment

Experience ‘Nari Shakti’, women power through coordinated, unified and determined efforts of the village women

Village women developed a sense of achievement, an open mindset and confidence to undertake their share of responsibility in the society. Apart from gaining a status of an earning member of the family, women played their role in the administration forums of the village. They were made aware of their worth and found their independent voice through these interventions.

Women were exposed to various financial and administrative matters through the income generation exercise. These women, who knew nothing beyond household chores earlier, became familiar with the financial transactions and bank operations. With guidance from the Foundation, village women carried out production; marketing and finance related tasks with determination and gained immense confidence and courage in return.

By way of travelling to cities for exhibitions and marketing activities, village women tasted success and independence. They became more aware about the need of education, health and financial independence for each individual.

At present, there are 16 self help groups in the village through, which women have been participating in various income generation activities. SHGs have been playing a crucial role in the lives of these women by imbibing leadership and team building skills. Able management through co-ordination and communication has helped these enterprises flourish. It has inculcated a habit of saving, along with a will to support group members for occupational and social activities. Women empowerment programme in the village has allowed the village women to take a responsible position in the overall progress of the region.

Today, women in Buchkewadi play a pivotal role in shaping the future of their families and thereby, the village. They voice their opinions freely as regards to the development and progress of the village.

The aim behind encouraging women to achieve comprehensive development of the village apart from establishing them as confident and self-sufficient individuals seems to be in the right gear.

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