Buchkewadi - Model of Community Led Village Development
  • Education: An Investment for Shaping Future - ISO School & Anganwadi Villages In India

    Education: An Investment for Shaping Future


A village awakened to new channels of education through a definite refurbish in processes and systems

Buchkewadi, a quiet village in the state of Maharashtra was no different than other small villages in the state. The crunch faced by the society had affected the educational conditions in the village. Two schools offering primary education were operational in the village. But these schools had very low attendance. Most of the girls in the age-group fit for primary education were found engaged in domestic chores rather than attending the school. Some of them took care of the younger siblings while their mother was away working as a daily wage earner. Some accompanied their mothers to work as labor and earn for the family. As a result, many of them could not avail education and the dropout rate was high.

The situation with the youth in the village was no different. Poverty was the major reason for their discontinuing education. The village youth opting for or getting an opportunity of higher education was very rare. Those who had decent education were struggling with employment. They were not educated enough to get lucrative jobs nor were they able to work in farms, as the agricultural income was not assured.

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