Buchkewadi - Model of Community Led Village Development
  • Adarsh Krishi, Nirmal Gram Puraskar Villages, ISO Gram Panchayat Award Winning Villages In India

    Our Proud Moments


Appreciation in the form of awards has been a continuous inspiration to us

Buchkewadi is one of the Gram Panchayat Award Winning Villages in India. It has progressed on varied fronts including agriculture, cleanliness and sanitation practices and education. The progress achieved has been acknowledged by the government through prestigious Adarsh Krishi Gram Puraskar, Nirmal Gram Puraskar and ISO Gram Panchayat awards which are distributed to encourage progressive steps of the villages in India.

Government of India has been concerned about the health, sanitation and cleanliness in the rural parts of the country. The authorities have come up with different initiatives in order to promote healthy practices regarding domestic waste disposal, hygienic and safe drinking water and other related activities. From the year 2005, Nirmal Gram Puraskar villages stand as living examples of optimally clean and hygienic villages. The Nirmal Gram Puraskar villages incorporate innovative practices to keep the village tidy by following regular cleaning schedules. The waste is collected and disposed on a daily basis in a prescribed format by the village Gram Panchayats. The other important characteristic of Nirmal Gram Puraskar villages is that it maintains the village free of any defecation waste, through adequate wash-rooms and sewage systems.

Similarly, government has implemented various programs to popularize agriculture and innovative farming. Adarsh Krishi Gram Puraskar Villages are those villages, which have been lauded by the government for their exceptional achievements in the agricultural arena. The overall picture shows that farmers in the villages of India have been facing natural calamities like inadequate and untimely rainfall, and majority of them have been turning to the easier options for their livelihood. But some of the villages have conquered the obtrusive conditions with persistent efforts and innovative introductions in the farming methodologies. These consist of newer water conservation and provision techniques for the advantage of farming along with incorporation of latest automated equipment. Adarsh Krishi Gram Puraskar villages are amongst such villages that have made the most from the situation by bringing the required changes in the practices. They have received enhanced gains as a result of these efforts.

The government is also taking the necessary steps to propagate basic education in the country. The focus resides on introducing up-dated communication methods to impart education in the villages, which is at par with the city schooling. The gram panchayats adapting themselves with innovative ways of education and providing it in the most conducive environments are awarded with the ISO Gram Panchayat award. The ISO Gram Panchayat Villages in India have welcomed education into their systems by provisions like space and funds for progress on various fronts. They have been imparting education through e-learning programs. Buchkewadi has also been educating children with the help of latest technology and techniques giving a high quality educational experience with the help of audio-visual means.

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