Buchkewadi - Model of Community Led Village Development
  • Spirit of unity and brotherhood Model Gram Panchayat In India

    Spirit of unity and brotherhood


Closely knit society standing on the strong foundation pillars

Model Gram Panchayat

Varsha Dere - Sarpanch
Varsha Dere, Sarpanch

Buchkewadi Gram Panchayat – Village Council came into existence on the 1st January, 1992 before which, the village was a part of Parunde Village Gram Panchayat. The Buchkewadi Gram Panchayat elections take place unanimously; this unopposed election is considered as the special feature. It has seven members who look after all the developmental activities in the village.

The Model Gram Panchayat in india works effectively in coordination with all other village based institutions like Village Watershed Committee, Education Committee, Health Committee, Samyukt Mahila Samiti and Guruvarya Kondajibaba Dere Trust.

Buchkewadi- one of the model Gram Panchayats in India, has been bestowed with many prestigious awards, including the Nirmal Gram Puraskar, Mahatma Gandhi Tantamukta Gram Puraskar, Adarsh Krushi Gram Puraskar, Sant Tukaram Vangram Puraskar and so on.

Village Watershed Committee

Shivaji Dere - President
Shivaji Dere, President

A special committee called Guruvarya Kondajibaba Dere Village Watershed Committee (VWS) was formed to strengthen and streamline the watershed development work in Buchkewadi. This is a registered body, which handles the responsibility of planning, implementation, operation and maintenance of various soil and water conservation measures undertaken in the area. The committee is also responsible for day-to-day facilitation and management of watershed activities. Creating awareness among farmers and helping them in their queries and problems is an important part of their work.

The committee comprising 14 members takes care of labor payments. It has received monetary assistance from NABARD under Indo-German Watershed Development Program (IGWDP). The funds were released and utilized collaboratively by the committee members and Lupin Foundation.

Relevantinterventions and consistent efforts of the village people havesturdily supported the journey towards becoming a Model Gram Panchayat in India.

Samyukt Mahila Samiti

Savita Pawar - President
Savita Pawar, President

Buchkewadi residents actively participate for social causes. The women take responsibilities and play important roles in the development of the village. There are 16 self help groups of women. A registered village level apex committee of SHG representatives is formed to bring all these groups on one platform. NABARD provides financial assistance for socio-economic development of the village.

This samiti plays an instrumental role in creating awareness among women about importance of participation in the village activities. Making women united, offering them income sources and work opportunities is the main activity of this committee. Various women-oriented programs, activities, study tours are organized regularly.

Guruvarya Kondajibaba Dere Trust

Mr. Dagdu Pawar - Karyadhayksha
Mr. Dagdu Pawar, Karyadhayksha

Guruvarya Kondajibaba Dere Trust has been a blessing for Buchkewadi. it is considered as the foundation of positive activities accomplished by the residents. Guruvarya Kondajibaba Dere was a highly respected and worshipped spiritual personality, who is famous in Buchkewadi and surrounding villages.

He used to guide people, encourage them to follow right path through the varkari tradition (varkari sampraday). He started the religious procession (dindi) practice in the village. After his demise, the tradition has been continued by the villagers in the form of Guruvarya Kondajibaba Dere Trust, which provides formal and religious education to poor children from nearby villages through its entity called Parnakuti. Villagers contributed funds for constructing Parnakuti building and have continued to provide regular assistance to the trust. Here, the students are provided formal education till 10th standard along with the traditional religious education. The trust takes care of some orphan children also.

Through consistent and unified efforts, Buchkewadi has come a long way from its regressive ways to a Model Gram Panchayat in India.

Vaishnavdham Gram Vikas Pratisthan Mumbai

Mr. Parkash Pawar - President
Mr. Parkash Pawar, President

Buchkewadi has a long tradition of carrying the auspicious stick (‘Banachi Kathi’) from the Parunde village to a religious place called Audumbareshwar. During the transit, the auspicious stick arrives in Buchkewadi and the day is celebrated. Thousands of worshippers from various surrounding villages visit the village for this festival. Auspicious meal (Prasad) is distributed freely to all the visitors. Mumbai Residents group or Mumbai Mandal provides the financial help to prepare the food distributed as Prasad. Mumbai Mandal is an association of Buchkewadi residents working in Mumbai.

Mumbai Residents Mandal has become a registered entity in year 2008 with a new name of Vaishnavdham Gram Vikas Pratishthan. This is another important pillar, which contributes to the holistic development of the village. Most of the families have at least one member working in Mumbai in various sectors like government service, construction and transport while some of them work as lunchbox carriers (Dabbawalas).

The members of Vaishnavdham Gram Vikas Pratishthan contribute Rs. 100 per month to a fund. The trust has bought e-learning software for the students studying in Kondajibaba Dere Trust. The Pratisthan also offers help at times in the form of educational material and infrastructural additions. It also encourages graduates of Buchkewadi through felicitation.

I am proud of the progress of the village through the persistence of the people and useful guidance from the Lupin Foundation. Buchkewadi has managed to become one of the model Gram Panchayats in India

Joint Forest Management Committee

Suresh Gaykawad - President
Suresh Gaykawad, President

Joint Forest Management Committee, formed by the Forest Department takes care of the conservation and development of forest area around Buchkewadi. The committee comprises of representatives of village and forest department. All watershed development activities in the forest area are managed and carried out by the Committee.

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