Buchkewadi - Model of Community Led Village Development
  • Rural Development Programme In India

    Rural Development Programme

Rural Development Programme

Lost glory reclaimed bringing a notable turn-around through guidance and self-help

Rural development programme in India is focused on poverty reduction and economic growth as its key objectives. This can be achieved by healthy ecosystems, which support sustainable agriculture-based livelihoods along with essential life services like drinking water, sanitation and health care.

As sustainable development forms the main motive of interventions in the rural areas, investing in natural resources comes in the natural flow of the improvement process. It performs to strengthen the adaptation and resilience of communities towards climate change and natural disasters. Various stakeholders such as Government, NGOs, private players and Panchayat Raj Institutions etc are working effectively for the rural development programme in India. Varied models have evolved while implementing rural development programmes in India.

Buchkewadi village is an example of community led sustainable development. It works towards efficient management of the natural resources while providing safe drinking water, sanitation and health care facilities at village level. Various agencies have supported the village for its efforts in holistic and sustainable development course. Buchkewadi is evolving as one of smart villages in India through the consistent and combined efforts.

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