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Efforts for Community participation

Awareness activities boosted the confidence of people and inspired them to work towards betterment

Every new work faces some challenges and problems, the desired development and progress in Buchkewadi village was no exception. Getting active participation from villagers was the biggest challenge in the initial stages of development. It is easier to find people’s participation in religious activities; however, it is extremely difficult to get them involved in developmental work. Despite these challenges, the village and its inspired minds found out solutions to get women and men involved in changing the conditions of the village. The process adopted to increase community participation is presented below -

Inception of Guruvarya Konadajibaba Panlot Kshetravikas Samiti

The first step was the formation of Village Watershed Development Committee (Gram Panlot Kshetravikas Samiti). It was named after the most respected personality Guruvarya Konadajibaba Dere who has been an inspiring name and has brought the village together. This committee was formed after having a few rounds of meetings with the villagers and subsequent approval from the Gramsabha.

Village Meetings

Lupin Foundation conducted several village meetings to explain the need of watershed development and its usefulness. Location wise periodic meetings were conducted in the village, which helped the people to open up, express and discuss their queries in detail. Informative pamphlets, documentaries and examples of other developed villages helped residents understand the urge and use of watershed development program.

Study Tours

The next important step was conducting study tours to various model villages. Study tours have already been undertaken as participatory developmental programs. They have proved useful in many sectors for improving overall village conditions. Buchkewadi residents visited places like Ralegan Siddhi, Hiware Bazar, Nidhal and Mhasvandi, which have developed significantly by adopting participatory initiatives. These visits to model villages helped the villagers understand development as a process and importance of community participation. The residents of Buchkewadi were convinced about the importance of development and have now started motivating others in the village to give their active participation.

With the help of frequent meetings, study tours and efforts of watershed development committee and of course, the guidance from Lupin Foundation, desired result was achieved. Villagers agreed in the Gramsabha meeting to offer voluntary labor (Shramdaan)  for four days by each family for watershed development activity.

This was definitely a turning point in the history of Buchkewadi.

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