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  • Education: An Investment for Shaping Future - ISO School & Anganwadi Villages In India

    Education: An Investment for Shaping Future


A village awakened to new channels of education through a definite refurbish in processes and systems

There are a few ISO school and Anganwadi villages in India and Buchkewadi is one of them. The village along with the Lupin Foundation has taken feasible and progressive steps to nurture educational aspirations of the children as well as the youth in the village.

Formal education through latest techniques along with traditional religious studies for needy children.

Kondajibaba Dere Trust, formed by the villagers to enable development in the educational domain, has played a remarkable role in providing the necessary educational facilities to the village children. Convenient arrangements, conducive to the progress and growth of the children, have come into existence in the village, through financial assistance provided by the Trust. Parnakuti is a residential school with food and healthcare facilities that has been built for the village children who wish to study. The Trust, with the help of contributions from the villagers, bears all the costs for the facilities therein. Lupin Foundation has helped by providing solar water heaters, cupboards and beds for the use of the students, thus upgrading the living conditions for the students. Children get formal education along with the religious studies. Traditional religious education system, BhagwatDharmicSanskaar  is used for studies regarding religion. The students also undergo training in what is popularly known as Kirtan.

It consists of recitation of mythological stories and songs from ancient Hindu culture that are performed in a peculiar manner.

An E-learning program has also been introduced in District Council (ZillaParishad) Primary School at Buchkewadi with the help of Lupin Foundation. Since the introduction of this facility, village children are getting a high quality educational experience with the help of audio-visual means.

This innovative step has broadened the horizons of the village children and has helped them to be at par with their urban counterparts. It has also earned a place in the list of ISO school villages in India.

Setting-up of the Educational Fund for Youth

An educational fund has been set up for needy youth, in order to promote higher studies in the village populace. Buchkewadi & Lupin Foundation Educational Committee has been formed to carry out functions like collecting donations, distributing scholarships and managing funds in a transparent manner. A substantial amount has been collected and deposited in a nationalized bank as a contribution from the village. The fund helps students from scheduled castes and landless families to continue with their education and not end up as a part of the unskilled labor force. Considering the need of computer literacy in today’s times, introductory computer courses are also being run with the help of this fund.

Villages in India have woken up to the need of basic education and are taking efforts through various channels in order to attain a status as one of the ISO schools and Anganwadi villages in India. This has helpedto enable and promote education amongst the rural regions in the country. ISO Aanganwadi villages in India ensure latest educational practices for early development in children. The primary and secondary education engages the impressionable adolescents with the help of up-to-date methodologies in village set-ups, and the credit goes to the ISO School villages in India.

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