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  • Education: An Investment for Shaping Future - ISO School & Anganwadi Villages In India

    Education: An Investment for Shaping Future


A village awakened to new channels of education through a definite refurbish in processes and systems

The bleak scenario on education front seems to have brightened up through the appropriate and definite interventions.

An environment favorable for education has been created in the village through changes in the systemic and financial arrangements.

Various measures undertaken to improve the educational facilities in the village have changed the general attitude towards education, leading to an improvement in the quality as well as the reach of education. “Parnakuti”, a residential arrangement with all the necessary facilities for an all - round development of students, is now fully functional. Due to the high standards maintained on all parameters, this school has been conferred upon an ISO certification. The E-Learning unit also deserves a special mention for providing up to date knowledge in engaging fashion, with the help of various state of the art applications.

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