Buchkewadi - Model of Community Led Village Development
  • Women : Strong Pillars of Society Women Empowerment Programme, Self Help Group In Village India

    Women: Strong Pillars of Society

Women Empowerment

Experience ‘Nari Shakti’, women power through coordinated, unified and determined efforts of the village women

Women empowerment programmes have been implemented through varied fashions in villages of India. After observing the conditions in Buchkewadi, Lupin Foundation identified the need of measures for women progress as one of the areas for improvement. Foundation sensed an enormous potential to bring a change in the society that could be accomplished through unified and organized efforts by the women of the village.

Several study tours, awareness programs and workshops were conducted persistently by the Foundation to introduce the women to the world of opportunities. Self Help group villages in India were studied. Arrangements were re-oriented to suit the conditions of Buchkewadi. SHGs (Self Help Groups) were formed to carry out different occupational activities. An apex committee, Gayatri Samyukt Mahila Samiti, consisting of representatives of each of the Self Help Group came in to existence to manage and support the SHGs.

Gayatri Samiti supported women to start individual and group-based enterprises, taking in to consideration factors like individual knowledge, skills and interests. These occupational initiatives helped women generate income for their families. The required financial assistance was provided by Lupin Foundation in association with NABARD in the initial stages. Later on financial institution like the ICICI bank came forward to lend money to the SHGs.

Women got engaged in activities like making clothes, Gunny bag making, Nursery, Dairy, goatery, Bangle shop, Pulses or dal mills and Leaflet making. Some of the SHGs were involved in producing home-made, organic products like spice powders and hand-pounded rice Hatsadi Tandul which are always in great demand. Women whole-heartedly participated in these programs, coming up with new ideas. They started participating in exhibitions like Bhimthadi, Dakkhan Yatra etc. held in major cities to display and sell their products.

Today, Buchkewadi stands as a model of how self-help group villages in India work

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