Buchkewadi - Model of Community Led Village Development
  • Women : Strong Pillars of Society Women Empowerment Programme, Self Help Group In Village India

    Women: Strong Pillars of Society

Women Empowerment

Experience ‘Nari Shakti’, women power through coordinated, unified and determined efforts of the village women

Before the change, women of Buchkewadi village had dreams, which were hard to come into reality due to unavailability of adequate resources and opportunities.

Village women were engaged in carrying out household duties throughout the day. Drinking water shortage forced them to spend half of their day walking to fetch and store water for drinking and cooking purposes.

Some of the women worked on daily wages to provide for the family’s basic needs.

Prior to interventions regarding women empowerment, women of Buchkewadi village could not spare any time for themselves or the society. Women’s talents and creativity could not be utilized. Women hardly contributed towards the village’s progress in any way.

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