Buchkewadi - Model of Community Led Village Development
  • Finding True Meaning of Health is Wealth

    Finding True Meaning of Health is Wealth

Health, Hygiene & Sanitation

A gradual shift in the mindsets of villagers through awareness in health, hygiene and sanitation processes

Buchkewadi village is a unique example of holistic village development achieved through participatory approach. The village started its progress with watershed development program however, did not stop there. The villagers were educated about the crucial aspects of health, hygiene and sanitation through awareness programs facilitated through Lupin Foundation. Committees and organizations were formed to address the issues collectively.

Village Administrative Centre or the Gram Panchayat decided to construct compost units to deal with the problem of sewage. Residents started using vermicompost units. This helped to provide natural fertilizer for the farms as well as keep the village clean. Buchkewadi residents participated in the cleanliness drive by building toilets adjacent to their houses. Gram Panchayat  took the much needed initiative to construct common toilets for those residents, who did not have enough space for constructing their own.

Garbage is being collected regularly now through a manually operated cart, commonly referred as ghantagadi owing to its noisy, ding-dong bell announcing its arrival. The collected garbage is then separated for re-cycling and further processing, ensuring a clean and stench-free disposal.

Health and hygiene awareness drives in the form of camps, are being frequently organized in the village. Special health awareness campaigns are also conducted in the schools to educate the children about health, nutrition and hygiene. Such activities are organized with active participation from local health centers and private doctors. Varied specialists like dentists, gynecologists, pediatricians etc. are involved during the camps. Vaccinations have been made available for infants and children. For the elderly, cataract surgeries are offered free of cost by Dole Foundation, Pune.

In keeping with the green drive, road side tree plantation has been initiated by the Gram Panchayat. The residents have voluntarily accepted the responsibility for looking after these plants and are carrying it out successfully with good co-ordination.

Gayatri Samyukt Mahila Samiti, an organization which works towards betterment of girls and women has played a key role in bringing awareness in the female population of the village. The Samiti, with the help of local volunteers, has been able to provide basic lessons in hygiene, education and gender issues spreading awareness amongst the village girls and women. Simple hygiene tools like nail cutters are being promoted for regular use by way of free distribution during cleanliness and health drives.

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