Buchkewadi - Model of Community Led Village Development
  • Finding True Meaning of Health is Wealth

    Finding True Meaning of Health is Wealth

Health, Hygiene & Sanitation

A gradual shift in the mindsets of villagers through awareness in health, hygiene and sanitation processes

The health and hygiene drives were absolute eye-openers for the villagers. The interventions brought a shift in the views and thoughts of the men and women in the village. Many revolutionary changes in the overall habits and conducts could be observed.

Before interventions, there used to be great urgency in marrying off daughters in the household at an early age without giving much thought to readiness and suitability. Slowly but steadily, people are realizing the repercussions of their regressive thinking and actions in today’s world. Daughters are being given more independence and they are being encouraged to get educated.

Nutritional intake of the families, and that of mothers and infants, has improved due to repeated discussions and counseling in this regard. Personal health and hygiene awareness has helped the villagers to improve their overall health.

A well-equipped Primary Health Centre that was launched in the village during the course of the interventions is fully operational.

Underground drainage systems have also been changed following the latest practices in sanitation. The villagers now regularly conduct cleaning campaigns, where everybody participates whole heartedly.

Mindsets of the general populace are seen embracing the current ways and methods regarding relevant issues related to health.

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